Bible Oils and Shofars, previously known as Sonshine Products has been around for more than 17 years. It started off with just a few Christian and Messianic Scarves for gifts and personal use.  After our trip to Israel in 1997, we brought back a few Anointing oils, Holy Water and Shofars that were used in our worship services, as well as for gifts. Most of my friends loved the scarves, anointing oils and shofars, so I continued to import a few, mostly for gift or personal use.  It wasn’t until I had some skin condition, that I began to research Dead Sea Mineral Products and the use of Biblical Oils for health and spiritual well being. Because of interest, I held the occasional home base parties. As interest grew, I began to do ladies events and Summer conferences.  We are now an online Canadian base company, still doing major conferences during the Summer Months.


Our vision is to create a knowledge, appreciation and better understanding for natural and Spiritual significance of Biblical oils, shofars and the Dead Sea Mineral Products, and how we can use them effectively in our daily lives.


To educate and empower our community about the natural healing properties in most of these products.    Our Goal is to provide excellent serve, and high-quality imported Products from Israel or their suppler in the U.S at a reasonable and competitive rate to you. We are determined to promote products that will enhance quality of life, promote spiritual and physical healing, and improve mental wellbeing.


Biblical oils have many benefits and have been used in the ancient story Queen Esther.  After Months of treatments with the oil of Myrrh, aloes and other spices, she found grace and favour in the sight of the king.  He loved her above all the other women; So that he set the royal crown on her head and made her queen. Esther 2:12, 17. These oils have the same healing properties as it did in ancient times. They have been researched and is safe to use.